Words whether written with warmth or described deep in darkness may reflect our inner truths giving over to heartfelt emotion thus defining our humanness.



What if we loved without condition

What if we held no bias

What if we lived with freedom

What if we refused to be pious

Would we suffer from lack

Or feelings of life amiss

Or would we be wealthy perhaps

In healthy happy bliss

The sun provides it's rays to us

Ne'er hoping to hear

Your gratitude and thanks, though

It continues through the year

The ocean provides us breath

Which we cannot live without

It never requests a penance

Freely giving removes all doubt

The forest trees share life as well

Taking in our waste

Never fearing hurtful pain

At our thankless passing haste

Are we not more than trees?

Can we not shine as sun

Does water overwhelm ability

Of our race with fear be done 

I would see an earth

Where hurt we do no more

When humans choose to love the other

As heart's sweet paramour

No more a passing judgment

On an unknown passer by

No more a fear of loss of love

From those dear whom we keep nigh

Nay instead we would see

The heart of human life

We would cease from blaming guilt

And end our worrisome strife

Oh what a world we would be

If love we choose to do

Accepting beauty in imperfection

Not toll presumed we're due

This would be a planet I

Would never want to leave

And perhaps our hearts would join

To share in this belief

All my love dear sweet world

May I add to you

Ne'er again blaming within

I remove all guilt from you

I seek life and peace and love

A hippy I nay not be

Merely a survivor who

Wants love so to be free

But give I must this love of which

I speak unto you

Share I shall this warming joy

That fills me through and through

And perhaps on this day

A change will come to be

The new heaven the new earth

Forever more we love us free

Only the Ignorant Blame the Booze...

I have witnessed the phenomenon of status quo human after status quo human who seem to just mimic each other as if to parrot is to reflect intelligence. I promise it is the opposite. So, here I go against the flow.

To All the Individuals Who Aren’t So Individual:

You know who you are. The followers: the one’s who just do it because they did it or because they made me. The non-world changers: the one’s who think oh, that’s wrong, but… 

RAPE is caused by one thing and ONE THING ONLY: RAPISTS

For those aforementioned non-individual individuals, let me explain.

  • First: there are men and boys WHO WOULD NEVER RAPE, SEXUALLY ASSAULT OR TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A WOMAN NO MATTER HER STATE (these are the beautiful men and boys by which the standard of actions should be set).
  • Second: if you are so ignorant to blame alcohol then DO SO CORRECTLY, please. Boys who drink too much alcohol and can’t help but rape people need to cut back, dontcha think??? (Unless the ignoramus amongst us still thinks women are lesser humans and therefore double standards should be allowed. If you fall in this category I hope you have the balls to share words with me).
  • Third: the perpetuation of the belief that a woman can do ANYTHING to get herself raped is by perpetrators who support rape, because if you are not AGAINST IT you are FOR IT.


I triple-dog-dare you to disagree! Love, Me >=)