Words whether written with warmth or described deep in darkness may reflect our inner truths giving over to heartfelt emotion thus defining our humanness.



What if we loved without condition

What if we held no bias

What if we lived with freedom

What if we refused to be pious

Would we suffer from lack

Or feelings of life amiss

Or would we be wealthy perhaps

In healthy happy bliss

The sun provides it's rays to us

Ne'er hoping to hear

Your gratitude and thanks, though

It continues through the year

The ocean provides us breath

Which we cannot live without

It never requests a penance

Freely giving removes all doubt

The forest trees share life as well

Taking in our waste

Never fearing hurtful pain

At our thankless passing haste

Are we not more than trees?

Can we not shine as sun

Does water overwhelm ability

Of our race with fear be done 

I would see an earth

Where hurt we do no more

When humans choose to love the other

As heart's sweet paramour

No more a passing judgment

On an unknown passer by

No more a fear of loss of love

From those dear whom we keep nigh

Nay instead we would see

The heart of human life

We would cease from blaming guilt

And end our worrisome strife

Oh what a world we would be

If love we choose to do

Accepting beauty in imperfection

Not toll presumed we're due

This would be a planet I

Would never want to leave

And perhaps our hearts would join

To share in this belief

All my love dear sweet world

May I add to you

Ne'er again blaming within

I remove all guilt from you

I seek life and peace and love

A hippy I nay not be

Merely a survivor who

Wants love so to be free

But give I must this love of which

I speak unto you

Share I shall this warming joy

That fills me through and through

And perhaps on this day

A change will come to be

The new heaven the new earth

Forever more we love us free

Screw Success as a Society Standpoint


It is truly remarkable how society has perpetuated its trickery for thousands of years. Constantly patting you on the back for monetary gain and slapping you in the face if "oh, you're NOT going to college?" 

Do we ever stop and look at what we think success is? Forbes makes poster children out of those who make millions; billions and the rest are left to dream "what if".

This is bloody preposterous. 

As having been a member of both poverty and now decent wealth (I won't be on Forbes anytime soon, but y'know) I can truly see both sides.

People and media and society and my culture and even members of my extended family made me feel (because they were made to feel) that I would never be anything until I achieved something. And that 'something' was eluded to as being monetary, material gain. 

What an insane assertion!!!!

Now that I'm on the "other side", people congratulate me for all my 'success' while they pat my shoulder and look beyond me to the "more successful" person in the room. 

It's lies. Lies, I tell you. It's all lies. 

Do you want the truth? Can you handle it?

Success on a monetary scale is...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Complete F!$@!$!? BULL$?!&

It's unfulfilling. It leaves you wanting more. No goal is ever good enough. No accomplishment ever satisfying. You always feel this unsettled collective of knots in your stomach in the moments following your latest achievement. 

It's why people give each other awards. Trying to make the feeling of reaching the goal last just a teeny bit longer by... celebrating it to the world. "Yay!! I was awesome for a moment..." 

"...and now I'm a loser again."

This baffles my little analytical mind beyond belief. We have blindly followed this code for millennia. It's truly absurd. 

Oh, and if you figure out that it's all a giant pile of cow manure and you want to give your money to those in need (which brings you happiness) guess what people do...!!!? They start warning you that you're being ill-advised with your funds!!!!! So basically inner peace rates a '0' on the sliding scale of 'will the world approve of my success'?

Enough ranting... What do we do about this?

Go where the love is. When I say love I mean full acceptance, because love without this is actually the antithesis of love altogether. 

"Happiness is loving coming FROM you." - don Miguel Ruiz

Think about how you love your pet. Think about how happy you are to love on your little puppy or kitty cat. That is what happiness feels like. That's because you fully accept your dog is a dog. You aren't loving him "but only when we he acts more like a cat"...!?!?? That's nuts. If you wanted a cat you would of gotten a cat... Right?!

My point is, in life we are so 'conditioned' to exist in a 'conditional' world. We rarely ever step back and say, "Screw you society! Screw your conditional acceptance of me. I am who I am." So the curse perpetuates. 

I say, "Do you. Ask yourself... Really ask yourself... Search into your very soul and ask, "Am I spending every day doing what I want to be doing? Do I love what I do outside of the craziness that comes with it? Or is this about a paycheck? Will I wake up in 20 years and wonder where my life went." Do this for yourself (and feel free to comment below) and do it for the world."

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi

Success is no more knots in my stomach. 

Success is inner peace.

Success is no more wondering what people will think. 

Success is full acceptance of me; of what I think. 

Success is no more guilt. 

Success is knowing I don't owe anything to anyone, but to love them. 

Success is freedom from all fear. 

Success is true joy which only comes from within me. 

Tell me what you think 'Success' is and comment (if you'd like) on whether you feel you were taught this or if you feel society has played a part in your making decisions that don't truly make you happy. And, if you're happy definitely comment and tell the rest of us what to do!! :-)